Massage Therapy

Relaxation/General Massage

General massage that may be full-body or specific to a particular area.  While the primary focus is relaxation, special consideration is always taken to address any specific problem areas that may be noted.  May include light or deeper pressure, which is adjusted to the client’s comfort or preference.

Therapeutic Massage

Customized massage that uses a variety of techniques; including light and deeper pressure, range-of-motion, and may include assisted stretching. The primary focus is to treat specific areas of complaint, injury, or illness as noted by the client or by referral.

Okazaki Restorative Bodywork

Okazaki Restorative Bodywork is a Japanese and Hawaiian hybrid massage. This vigorous massage uses heavy pressure, rocking, and movement to break down adhesions, relax soft tissue, and open the joints so that repair may take place, allowing fresh, healthy tissue to replace the damage.  This method of bodywork was developed in Hawaii in the early twentieth century by Seishiro “Henry” Okazaki, who combined traditional Japanese bodywork with healing practices from Hawaii, as well as Chinese and European massage techniques.  This massage is offered using conventional massage lotion or Okazaki’s healing oil known as Satsuzai, which is made following his original recipe.  Great for athletes, martial artists, and anyone looking for a more aggressive approach to bodywork.